Retail Redecoration & Refurb

We at Arthur Fitzhugh Decorating offer redecoration and refurbishment services for stores and retail outlets. We understand the importance of minimising the disturbance to your store’s operation. That is why we redecorate and refurbish according to your time table even if that is during the late nights for zero disruption during store hours. This is while ensuring that quality work and attention to detail are still prioritized.

We take pride in over 40 years of experience in this industry and all our clients receive the highest levels of service. Our vast experience allows us to carry out the most complex and demanding retail space redecoration and refurbishment jobs. We have the staff and facilities for major structural redecorating and refurbishing. Our goal is to ensure that we boost your store’s image, help increase sales through a better retail environment and create a great first impression when customers walk in your store.

Our quotes for any type of retail space redecoration and refurbishment are accurately laid out, detailed and transparent. There are no hidden costs. We strive to be precise to maintain our competitive edge in the industry.


What are the top reasons for store redecorations and refurbishments?

  • Need – To create an environment to attract shoppers and showcase products as best as possible.
  • Competitor actions – To react to brand refreshments by competitors in order to prevent loss of sales and revenue.
  • Return on investment – To generate additional sales.

Other common drivers for a retail refurbishment programme also include:

  • Increasing the sales space of units in order to raise more revenue
  • Doing a rebranding exercise
  • A shift in the management board
  • As part of an expansion programme of recently purchased stores from competitors
  • Due to a decline in share performance, when the store may go on a store refreshment programme to recover its sales
  • Execution of measures to make sure store is in compliance with regulations
  • Introduction of technology to provide shoppers with new experiences (example is WiFi)

What Retail Redecorating & Refurbishing services are offered at Arthur Fitzhugh Decorating?


Not only do we do new retail space decoration services but we also do redecorations. Some of our decoration and redecoration services include, but are not limited to, wallpapering, wall covering and flooring. Our retail space decorators have the practice and skills to perfect this decorating job.


Whether you want to have a complete overhaul for your store or just want to tidy up the store’s appearance, we offer the services to help. We specialise in rebuilding, refinishing, relocating and on-site or off-site touch-up services. We also refurbish your outdated or damaged fixtures for a more sustainable alternative to buying new fixtures.


We provide full-service painting services for stores and retail outlets. There is so much more to store painting than just rolling, brushing or spraying a coating on a surface. Preparation requires technical expertise and equipment. For retail space painting services, there are facilities to protect too.

refurbishmentRetail space painting needs specialised coatings, and the right expertise and equipment for its proper application. We have highly experienced painters familiar with the coating materials and equipment to assure owners of the best experience in the store painting job. This is done while being mindful of the quality and details and caring for the facilities in the stores and retail outlets.

Our staff are ready to help with every stage of the painting job from planning, design, budgeting, application, to completion. With a great record of projects delivered on time and within budget, our expertise makes any painting job smooth-sailing.


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