Residential Painting & Decorating

We at Arthur Fitzhugh Decorating offer great interior and exterior painting and decorating services from small homes to large scale domestic properties. Our services range from small touch-ups to making your house look new.

We take pride in over 40 years of experience in this industry and all our clients receive the highest levels of service and attention to detail. Our vast experience allows us to carry out the most complex and demanding home paint and decoration jobs.


What Residential Painting & Decorating services are offered at Arthur Fitzhugh Decorating?


Painting Services

Interior Painting

We understand that most of the time we spend at home is spent in our living rooms. It is important that the interior painting of the house, not just in the living room, livens up the space. We help with selecting the colours, colour schemes and paint sheens for that perfect interior paint finish. With our expert painters, we ensure that thorough preparation work is done like pre-paint cleaning, crack filling and sealing before we get to the real painting process.

  • Exterior Painting

It is important that the exterior painting job is exquisite. The outside of our homes are subject to harsh elements like the weather. Paint is a form of barrier from these harsh elements, and this is also a way of preventing the home structure against degradation. Our painters are highly skilled and trained to perform these exterior paint jobs. You don’t have to climb those ladders and risk yourself of injuries and accidents.

  • Feature Walls

Feature walls give character and a distinctive design edge to your homes. We help with accentuating walls to make a room stand out. Your rooms are no longer going to be boring.

  • Touch-ups

We offer services like touch-ups too. Don’t worry about those small unpainted areas and small blemishes, our painters know what to do.


Decorating Services

  • Wallpapering

image5Wallpapering doesn’t just include pasting the paper into the wall. This decorating service needs to have a good preparatory work done to the wall and room prior to pasting the paper. Aside from this, there are thousands of colours, designs and textures to choose from. There also different types of wallpapers like pre-pasted papers, un-pasted paper and “paste the wall”. You might think of doing this yourself but our expert decorators have been wallpapering for years and are experts in this field. You don’t need to overwhelm yourself with this job. Our decorators prepare the room, check the surfaces and prepare the walls prior to the wallpapering process. We can also advise you of which wallpapers are best for your rooms. With our professional wallpaper installation, you won’t have to worry about that wall for years.

  • Wall Covering

We have services for other wall coverings too. Aside from wallpapers, we use plastics and textured fabrics as decorative coverings for your interior walls.

  • Laying Flooring

This may sound easy but doing this without training risks uneven and unfinished looking floors. Preparatory work needs to be done before laying down the boards. Leave it to our decorators to get your flooring done.

  • Fitting Carpets

Like flooring, doing this yourself risks uneven and unfinished looking floors too. Leaving the carpet fitting job to us requires lesser time, minimal carpet waste and smooth finishes.

  • Coving

Coving makes those joints and corners look more finished. This makes rooms look better too. You don’t need to go through all the hassle of doing this yourself. Our decorators take care of your coving needs.

  • Skirting Boards

Don’t risk having misaligned and unprofessionally installed looking skirting boards. Our decorators ensure that your rooms look more finished and professional.

  • Dado Rails

We also offer installation of dado rails. Coving, skirting boards and dado rails all make the room look finished.


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