Office Painter and Decorator

We at Arthur Fitzhugh Decorating offer interior and exterior painting and decorating services for offices and commercial spaces. We understand the importance of minimising the disturbance to your business operation. That is why we paint and decorate according to your time table whether that is during the late nights, early mornings or weekends. This is while ensuring that quality work and attention to detail are still prioritized.

We take pride in over 40 years of experience in this industry and all our clients receive the highest levels of service. Our vast experience allows us to carry out the most complex and demanding office paint and decoration jobs. We have the staff and facilities for major structural painting and decorating. Our goal is to ensure that your office space help with employees’ productivity and well-being as well as make your office space stand out and create a great first impression for visiting clients.

Our quotes for any type of office painting and decoration are accurately laid out, detailed and transparent. There are no hidden costs. We strive to be precise to maintain our competitive edge in the industry.

What Office Painting & Decorating services are offered at Arthur Fitzhugh Decorating?

Interior Painting

image2We provide full-service interior painting services for offices and commercial spaces. There is so much more to commercial interior painting than just rolling, brushing or spraying a coating on a surface. Preparation requires technical expertise and complex equipment. For commercial painting services, there are office and production furniture and equipment to protect too.

Commercial interior painting needs specialised coatings, and the right expertise and equipment for its proper application. We have highly experienced painters familiar with the coating materials and equipment to assure owners of the best experience in the interior painting job. This is done while being mindful of the quality and details and caring for the elements surrounding the office rooms.

Exterior Painting

image3With such a wide range of building materials needing different coatings and application equipment, the right expertise and equipment are required to complete these exterior painting jobs. High rise buildings need weatherproofing, staging, complex machinery and applicator lifts to reach all heights and surfaces. Also, one of the challenging factors is completing the painting job while a business is in operation. All of these require experience, expertise, knowledge and professionalism for which we at Arthur Fitzhugh have gained from 40 years of work experience.

Our staff are ready to help with every stage of the exterior painting job from planning, design, budgeting, application to completion. With a great record of projects delivered on time and within budget, our expertise makes any painting job smooth-sailing.

Electrostatic Painting

Electrostatic painting is a process from which properties of electricity are used to apply a high-solids coating to a conductive material. Electrostatic painting is not the cheapest method to apply a coating to a metal surface. However, it may be the most cost effective since there is little preparation needed to protect the area to be painted, and there is little or no overspray for cleaning afterwards. Electrostatic painting isn’t for beginners. It requires highly specialised spray equipment and knowledge of how to use it, understanding of the types of coatings and how to prepare them for application and how to prepare the substrate to be coated and the area where the task needs to be accomplished. Our experts know how to handle all of these things which makes us the best choice for your electrostatic painting needs.


We offer decoration services. Some of our office decoration services include, but are not limited to, fitting carpets and wall covering. Our office decorators have the practice and skills to perfect this decorating job.


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