Things to consider while installing a false ceiling

The false ceiling is one the most elegant way to decorate your roof without spending a fortune. A well implemented false ceiling increases the aesthetics of your house by many times. It not only makes your room look good but also offers a rich flavor. Let us discuss in detail various factors that you should consider before installing the false ceiling.

Size of the false ceiling

Most of you might have a misconception that the false ceiling should always cover the entire roof. This is not 100% true, the false ceiling can be of any size and shape depending on your room and your personal preference. The false ceiling can be installed only at the corners of the roof and leaving the center part empty or it can be installed only in the middle area leaving the corners empty.  The choice is entirely yours. You should keep in mind the dimension of the room and the presence of cabinets that might be touching the roof. Instead of blindly choosing the false ceiling, thoroughly consider the size you might require. This will also save you cost.
false ceiling
Height of your room

Before deciding to install a false ceiling you need to conduct a feasibility study. Check the height of your room and make sure there is enough height to install a false ceiling. If you decide to install a false ceiling in a low-roof house, that’s asking for trouble. So do your homework before opting for a false ceiling. The general height of the false ceiling is around 1 feet, this is the height you will be losing once the false ceiling is implemented.

Maintenance Cost

A basic roof requires almost no maintenance cost; you just need to dust it off at regular intervals based on the room. In most cases, false ceiling comes in white or cream color which easily showcases dirt. Basic false ceiling types tend to accumulate dust easily and require regular cleaning. Advanced false ceiling is more solid and doesn’t accumulate dust easily. So keep in mind the maintenance time and cost required while selecting the type of false ceiling.

There is a significant difference in the lifetime of a regular roof versus a false ceiling. False ceiling is prone to damage and might need repair and replacement in the future, whereas a normal ceiling doesn’t require any repairs in the long run. Some false ceiling will have a longer lifetime compared to the rest and might cost a bit more. You need to select the false ceiling based not only on their appearance but also on their durability. There are some special tile type false ceiling where you can replace only the damaged parts compared to the normal false ceiling which requires the whole part to be replaced.

Now that we have seen the various factors to consider while installing a false ceiling, now let us look various benefits if offers.

  • Improved Aesthetics
  • Rich Ambiance
  • Few false ceiling helps in temperature control.
  • Helps in increasing the energy efficiency of the room.

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