List of mistakes to avoid while painting your home

There are two ways you can paint your home; Hire a professional contractor or Do it yourself. We are going to list down various mistakes that should avoid while painting your home yourself.

1. Not choosing the color you love

If you know the basics of color schemes and you really love a specific color then never let anyone else’s suggestion scare you away from using it. You might love a color which is unique and one which is not used widely; when you ask for inputs from your friends or relatives they might say no to it. This should not stop you from using the color you love mainly when you know a thing or two about color schemes. If you know for sure that you are not making a technical error, then choose the color you love and you will never regret it.
mistakes to avoid while painting your home
2. Not spending enough Prep Time

This is the most common difference between a DIY and a professional. DIY painting projects are exciting and the person tends to get emotional and get started immediately without putting in enough preparation hours. When you hire a professional they spend a lot of time in preparation, this involves but not limited to the following.

  1. Cleaning the walls
  2. Scrapping the cracks
  3. Using painter’s tape with caution
  4. Filling in nail holes
  5. Sanding rough surfaces.

3. Not buying the right tools

Different paints require different tools which will give the optimum output. This is where painting pros have a slight edge over the DIY individuals. Individuals will hesitate to buy the right tools which might be expensive for a single time usage, whereas professionals will have the right tools all the time with proper maintenance. You might buy the best paint in the world, but without the right painting tools, you will get not the desired result.
List of mistakes to avoid while painting your home
4. Not using the primer

This amateurish mistake is not only bad but also will cost you heavily. It is extremely important to prime the entire surface that you are going to paint. Is it possible to paint directly without primer? the answer is yes. So many DIY individuals decide to paint directly without applying primers and then regret it later. A well-applied primer provides a smooth and dust free surface for painting. If you are lazy about applying a primer you can buy paints in the market which has got primer built in with it.

5. Not using the Painter’s tape

Painter’s tape is one of the most underestimated tools for painting. All the professional painters invest in getting the best painter’s tape. You should never opt for a cheaper or an alternative for painter’s tape. Another mistake is not removing the tape at the right time. Most of the brands recommend that you should remove the painter’s tape in 15 minutes after painting. Experts have proved that if you peel the painter’s tape after 20 minutes it might peel away a bit of paint too.

Investing quality time and money in painting your home will yield much better returns in the long run. If you decide to paint the house yourself, then having enough patience is the key. Make a note of above mistakes and try to avoid them at any cost. For more information on all possible mistakes to avoid, click here.

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