Factors to consider while choosing the right painting contractor

Painting is one of the important home improvement projects that one will undertake. This is a one off activity which you will not repeat for the next 10 years, so invest real time, money and dedication to get this right. Choosing the best painting contractor holds the key to success when it comes to painting. Do not hire someone based purely on the estimate, but based on a variety of factors. Let us look at various factors to consider while hiring the painting contractor.

Legal and License Obligations

Painting involves a lot of manual labor and also comes with a huge risk. Painting can result in accidents which may prove even fatal. It is extremely crucial that the painting contractor has both general liability insurance and also workers’ compensation insurance. Another thing to look for is whether he has obtained the official state-issued license. Insurance and license are basic legal obligations to look for while choosing the painting contractor. Painting contractors without insurance might offer a cheaper service but will cost you heavily In case of an accident.


Nothing can substitute experience. This is applicable for any industry be it construction, painting or decoration. Opt for experienced contractors rather than amateurs. Don’t choose anyone with less than 2 years of experience. With over 40 years of experience, Fitzhugh is the name you can trust.



Try to invite a minimum of 3 painting contractors and share your requirements. Allow them to inspect your home and get a detailed estimate from each. Just observe how much time each contractor spends on assessing your home when someone takes more time, it results in a better estimate. Don’t compare estimate based only on pricing, instead also consider things like time mentioned, quality of materials to be used, guarantee, etc. The idea is to compare and analyze multiple contractors before finalizing the right person.

Get References

There is no better way to assess a contractor than by getting reviews from previous clients. Ask for references from the contractor and call them for a review. Remember these are common people like you, so try to call them on leisure hours and be polite while talking. If possible visit their old projects to see how it is still holding up. To understand the skill level of his current crew, visit his recent projects. If you get more negative reviews than positive ones then look for a better alternative.

Analyse his Crew

Having a highly skilled and a professional team is important for quality output. Check to see if he has in-house employees or subcontractors. Direct employees receive a paycheck from him and are better positioned to provide a dedicated service. If he is using subcontractors make sure he has insurance for them too.


Spend time with the contractor and talk about your requirements and ask for his suggestions. If he is willing to offer quality advice with subject matter expertise, then he is a better person to work with. Enquire whether he is well versed with latest methods of painting and whether he has the required tools and knowledge.



Paint by default comes with a brand warranty of 2-10 years. Try to choose the right paint which has a more realistic warranty period. In addition to paint warranty, ask for a guarantee from the contractor. Most painting contractors offer a 2 years warranty where they assure to repaint the house if there is any peeling, blistering or flaking happens. Make sure you get this guarantee in a written format and is mentioned in the contract itself.


Finally, the biggest deciding factor for many is the cost of the contract. Cost and affordability are important and don’t opt for an estimate which is well above your budget. Try to look for value for money proposition. You need to pick someone who has the following like license, insurance, experience, skilled labor, etc. Don’t pick someone who offers the least price, but pick someone who offers value for money.

We have covered various factors that will help you decide the right painting contractor for your home. If you feel that we have missed something, do let us know in the comments section below. For more in-depth research on how to choose the right painting contractor please visit https://painters.edu.au/Consumer-Information/Choosing-a-Painter.htm

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