Different types of paint and how to choose the right one for your home

A well-finished paint is what gives life to your dream home. Choosing the color is just the first step in painting. There are different types of paints available in the market and choosing the right one for your home is important. Now let us dwell into the different types of paints available and what it means.

Paints are basically categorized under 2, namely water-based and oil-based paints.

Water-based paint

This is the most commonly used painting for households. This is used primarily for interiors and walls. Water based paints emit lower levels of toxic and hence are a better bet for interiors. They are easy to clean and also prevent cracking. They also tend to live longer and retain their original color without yellowing.

Oil-based paint

Oil based paints were traditionally used as they offer a better gloss than water based. Oil-based paint takes longer to dry and is not easy to maintain. To clean the surface of an oil-based painted wall, you need some chemicals or thinner whereas normal water can be used to clean walls painted with water-based paint.

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These are the two basic categories of paints, now let us look at various types of paint.

1. Primer

Primer is not actual paint, but a surface protector. Primer helps in protecting the surface beneath and ensures durability. It is used directly on new surfaces or uncoated surfaces. You need to use oil-based primer for oil-based paints and vice-versa.

2. First coat

This is applied in between the primer and the finish coat paint. First coat provides a layer of opacity beneath the finish coat. 2-4 layers of first coat paint are required before painting it with the final layer for finishing. There are separate exterior first coat paints available which are recommended for your external surface. The exterior first coat lasts longer even when exposed to direct sunlight or snow.

3. Matte Finish

This is the most widely used paint for interior walls and roof and has no gloss at all. It has a nice texture which also hides any imperfections on your wall. It is widely reckoned that Matte paint offers the highest variety of colors. One of the drawbacks of the Matte paint is that it is not easy to clean. Use multiple coats to attain the best finish with Matte paint. It can also be sprayed by mixing with water at 10%.

4. Eggshell

This has a better lifetime than Matte and also has a thin amount of shine to it. It is better used for furniture and wooden windows. If you are that kind of a person who doesn’t like gloss and not so satisfied with Matte, then Eggshell is the best option. With a slight sheen, it gives a smooth finish to your home.

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5. Gloss Paint

Gloss paint offers the best finish and a reflective surface. It has a high degree of shine to it and is best used for wooden and mould surfaces. For richer ambiance, you can use gloss paints for interiors too. Since it offers a hard finish it will easily highlight imperfections on the wall. Surface painted with gloss are the easier to clean and can be cleaned multiple times.

We have listed and elaborated in detail various paint types and their benefits. This article will help you to decide what’s the best paint for your home. There is another set of paint types called as specialty paints which serve unique purpose like paint for kitchen, paint for bathrooms, etc. Whichever paint you chose, applying them with the right primer and number of coats is instrumental for obtaining the best outcome.

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