About Us

Let’s start by telling you a story.

It was July 12 in the year 1970.  It was a Sunday. The weather was so bad that day. There was hailstorm. There were loads of pounding in the roofs.  It hailed so hard.

The next day, a lot of the homes and residential properties were damaged. There were holes in the houses’ roof. There were stains in the walls. Part of the houses’ exterior paintings were removed and scraped off.  Cars and their glass windows broke. It was a mess.

I remember my neighbour. She loved cats. She had 5 of them. Her cats constantly jumped in my fence and ran around my lawn. My neighbour was an old lady in her 80s. She had me look into how the hail damaged parts of her house. The roof in her house was badly damaged. Her house’s paint job was also damaged. It was visible in the dents of her house’s siding. The paint around the edge of the dent visibly broke. The surface of the paint has been compromised. I told her all of these things.

She didn’t have insurance. I knew she needed help. Being the good lad that I am, I helped her out. But there was just so little that I can do. I was not a painter. I could barely even hammer a nail into wood.

That was when I realized the importance of painters and being able to know a skill or two about painting. So, I learned it. And, I learned it all.

Arthur Fitzhugh Decorating may have started because of that one incident. It may have been my inspiration to get into this industry to start a business. Or, I may not be telling the truth and only stalling to get your attention.

But I know that I have your attention now.

So, let’s take things seriously.

This is who we are and what we do.

painterWe at Arthur Fitzhugh Decorating are professionals in what we do. We are painters and decorators for small to large scale domestic or residential spaces, businesses, retail outlets, shops and other commercial spaces. We offer the highest quality of professional work befitting your home or office spaces.

We were established in 1970. Today, with more than 40 years of experience in painting, in decorating and in refurbishing hundreds of homes and offices, it has given us pride in our excellent work and great skills. There are only a few things, if any, that we do not know in terms of how we can achieve the finish or look that you envisioned your home and office space to be.

We service in the towns of Northampton, Kettering, Wellingborough and the surrounding areas. We also provide high quality domestic and commercial painting and decorating services for both interior and exterior spaces to the nearby areas. We offer a wide array of services specific for home and office painting and decorating. You can find out more of the services we offer in our Services page.

We at Arthur Fitzhugh Decorating are passionate at what we do. We make sure that our clients are 100% satisfied with our work. We know how much customer satisfaction is important to the success of any business. That’s why we do our best to provide you with a high standard quality of workmanship. We don’t believe in making short cuts. We go the extra mile to make sure that even the smallest of details to make you happy is fulfilled. We make sure that our work is done to perfection. We strive to deliver our best performance in all our projects.